How Lucy Tackled Hormonal Acne

How Lucy Tackled Hormonal Acne

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get day-making messages from women who use Go-To. Women who love Go-To. And women who have seen out game-changing results because of Go-To.

Women like Lucy! We considered keeping her story to ourselves. But we’re far too obnoxious proud for that.

I developed hormonal acne towards the end of 2018. It was a complete shock as I went through all of my teen years barely having a pimple. I was devastated. I didn’t want to go out and I started wearing makeup regularly; which is something I have never done.

I tried multiple brands, different diets, contraceptive pills, and nothing helped. Until I began using Go-To in June 2019 and everything changed.

I use Properly Clean, Exfoliating Swipeys, and Face Hero.

Since starting this new routine, I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Everyday I would see one less pimple and one scar slowly start to fade. I have a glow to my skin again and my complexion’s evening out.

Before and after face image