How A Baby Bump Changes Your Body Care Routine

How A Baby Bump Changes Your Body Care Routine

Pregnancy, change, the two quite obviously go hand in hand. Aside from changes to your body, mind, and lifestyle, the journey to birthing a bub can really upset your skin. Some women experience major changes to their complexion which last the duration of their pregnancy (like melasma), and some simply suffer the first trimester dullness which no amount of sleep can restore. 

See! It ain’t all pregnancy glow! And for anyone in the thick of their first pregnancy and really feeling it, we figured it couldn’t hurt to hear from a fellow mum-to-be.  

We picked Victoria Samuels’ brains about her current beauty regime and why she might be doing things a little differently. 

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do, current quirky snack cravings…

Hi! My name is Victoria. I’m 24 years of age, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I’m half Greek-Cypriot, half Sicilian. My culture is extremely important to me, as both my parents are immigrants and I’ve seen how hard they’ve worked to create the life they have. It’s definitely inspired me and my work ethic today!  

I would say that I dabble between a few things that I’m quite passionate about. I still work a full time 9-5 job in retail management, however my dedication lies mostly in art and design. Things that I can be hands on with in a creative sense and share with others. 

In 2020 I started a clothing line labelled ‘Tori & Mine’ with my best friend Jasmine Aiello, and it has been an incredible journey.

And speaking of snacks, I have been craving chocolate and salty chips the most throughout this pregnancy! 

How would you describe your relationship with beauty? 

My relationship with beauty is quite broad. There is no specific niche that I cling to, anything that makes me feel good in that moment is what I love. 

However, I am a big advocate for skincare, I do believe that consistency and knowing what works for you can make a huge difference!

You’re currently pregnant with your first baby (Congratulations!), how have you witnessed your skin change throughout the first/second/third trimester?

Yes! Thank you so much! Luckily my skin hasn’t changed too much throughout my journey. I used to have a nine-step regime that I have had to slow down based on certain ingredients that I’ve been advised to limit their use.

In what ways did you switch up your routine to manage this?

I’ve tried to keep it as simple as I can. My experience with pregnancy has been hard and nothing like I’ve ever encountered before. On most days I haven’t been able to leave my bed, so a simple body oil, or moisturiser is what I’ve been leaning towards especially in my second and third trimester.

What was your go-to (we had to) body care routine before falling pregnant?

My body care routine was relatively minimal, any hydrating moisturiser that smells great!

How has pregnancy changed this?

With falling pregnant, I’m a lot more conscious about the ingredients within, and where products are made. I have less time and energy to expend as the pregnancy goes on, so an all in one product that does the job and makes me feel good is all I care for!

You’ve been trialling our latest baby Oil Over, what do you think?

I absolutely love it, the texture, smell and feeling post-application has honestly changed my perception on oil products. I used to prefer body lotions as oil can sometimes leave a sticky residue. But ever since trying Oil Over, I can genuinely say it’s switched my preference for what I like to put on my body! 

How have you incorporated the body oil into your current routine?

It’s the only thing I use as at the moment, my belly is relatively large. My husband and I have been able to use Oil Over to bond with our baby who is due earth side in just two weeks! 

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you ever, or never, received?

“The beauty of ageing, We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by anti-ageing, zero wrinkle products. When I look at my mother and some of the other women in my life, I am amazed by how wise and gorgeous a grown woman looks. Wrinkles, to me, are a form of growth in our lives. A gentle reminder in our tiny existence that we’ve spent our youngest years smiling, laughing, crying and truly living.” - Orion Carloto