Get More Out Of Your Skin Care Products

Get More Out Of Your Skin Care Products

So! You’ve graduated from Intro To Skin Care and now you want more. Or maybe you’ve been using your products for a few years and feel like your skin needs a little extra help due to weather/skin changes/just general life things. Either way, we can help.

Here are four ways to take your tried and trusty skin care to the Next (and glowiest) Level.

Boost the results of your clay mask
Exfoliating your skin before masking is a tried and true way to get a little extra boost from your clay mask. Why? Because exfoliating your skin gets rid of any dead skin cells or grime. This allows whatever you follow with (so, in this case, your clay mask) to sink in deeper.

For seasoned AHA users, we recommend using Swipeys, leaving the solution on, and then applying The Removalist as normal. This will give your at-home facial an extra boost to get your skin seriously clear and glowing.

Put your sheet masks in the fridge
Sheet masks are designed to give your skin a quick hit of hydration and glow (depending on the formula). But if you’re ALSO looking for some soothing assistance (ahem, if you’ve maybe, sorta, kinda had a big night and your skin’s feeling a bit puffy) pop them in the fridge half an hour before you pop them on your face. This will allow the sheet mask to calm your skin as it does its usual job. Clever!

Add a booster to your routine
A booster is a clever product designed to add a little extra oomph in your routine. It could be a face oil, to give your skin an extra hit of replenishment during the colder months, or a potent serum you can squeeze in after your exfoliating and before your face cream. (Paula’s Choice has a brilliant range of boosters for a range of skin concerns, FYI.) They can be added morning or night and might be just what you’re looking for to boost your routine.

Ramp up your exfoliation
When you first dip your toe into chemical exfoliation, it’s always best to start slowly. (One day a week or so.) This allows you to ease your skin into it and helps ensure your skin doesn’t freak out. But after you’ve been exfoliating happily for a while you might find your skin feels ready for more. And in that case, you can absolutely work your way up to three nights a week if your skin feels up to it. More frequent exfoliation can be very beneficial for giving your skin care the extra kick it needs.