The Friendliest Pubs In Sydney

The Friendliest Pubs In Sydney
Go-To HQ is craving a really relaxed and indulgent summer break. So we’re just gonna assume you are too. And once you close the laptop you might need some inspo on where to go and what to do. Consider this your guide to having a crackin’ time on home turf, specifically Sydney (the city we know best). Because not everyone is drinking hot cocoa by the fire in Banff. 

So you’ve just woken up from that post-beach nap on the couch. You had leftovers for lunch, but definitely don’t feel like cooking, and definitely do feel like a cold glass of pinot. To the pub it is! Try branching out from your much-loved local this summer and give these beachside, harbourside, parkside pubs a go. They’re Go-To approved. Obviously.

“Pub, brewery, same same, right? I really like the vibe of Yullis Brews in Alexandria. They’ve decked out a big warehouse, and it’s where they actually brew all their beers, so you’re sitting amongst the fermentation machines (those big copper vat thing-y’s). It’s dog-friendly, they have live music from time to time, and interestingly, their menu is entirely vegan! As a meat lover myself I thoroughly enjoyed the food so don’t let that deter you.” Cynthia, Performance Marketing Lead 

“Not sure if I want to give this one away… but The Library Bar is a rooftop watering hole atop the State Library which has some great views of the cityscape, and really delicious cocktails too.” Jacky, Head Of Finance 

“It’s got to be the Clovelly Hotel. By the beach, dog friendly, and a super lovely al fresco dining / drinking area. This is the place to be on a sunny summer afternoon. I hear the staff are pretty amazing too…but full disclosure my daughter does work here, so be sure to say hello!” Leonie, Chief Marketing Officer

“Such a tricky one! Depends on the weather, the occasion, who you're with...But say you've made it to Thursday (the new Friday, right?) and you just wanna have a casual beverage with your significant other, well you might just catch me at The Henson in Marrickville. Big beer garden, dog-friendly, baby-friendly, classic pub menu done really well, a games room if you're feeling it, and they've got their own Mr Whippy-esque ice cream machine too.” Maddie, Brand Content Executive 

“I can't go past the Lord Nelson in the Rocks. (Sydney’s oldest, licensed hotel established in 1841.) Seems like it would be touristy but it really isn't! And they do the best ploughman's platter outside of the UK." Nathan, Head Of Product

Harbord Diggers at Freshwater. Plenty of outdoor areas for both kids and dogs to enjoy the sunshine with a beautiful view of the ocean. Plus they have a wide variety of different cuisines to satisfy all taste buds, so you keep coming back again and again.” Susana, Quality Assurance Manager