A Three-Step Routine To Clear Congested Teen Skin

A Three-Step Routine To Clear Congested Teen Skin

Um... teen skin’s easy, you guys. Just splash a bit of water on it every now and then.

Kidding! Kidding. Dealing with teen skin can be incredibly frustrating. The raging hormones teenagers (that’s you!) experience are known for triggering overproduction of oil. (This is why it’s pretty common to have greasy, acne-prone skin in your teens.)

It’s not all bad, though. Following a simple, effective routine (and picking up a few good skin habits) will go a loooong way to keep your skin in check. And we’ve gathered the details for all of it right here, just for you. (We’re generous like that.)

First up, the three-step teen routine for clear, calm skin includes these must-do steps.

1. Cleanse Twice A Day

First things first. You should wash your face twice a day. Breakouts and acne occur because of an overproduction of oil which results in clogged pores and the growth of bacteria inside your hair follicles. And as excess oil is very common in teen skin, cleansing morning and night is non-negotiable to remove excess oil and stop it from causing congestion.

Some things to look for:

– Cleansers with salicylic acid or willow bark extract will give skin a really good clean and get rid of excess oil.

2. Don't Skip Moisturiser

Just because your skin is oily or combo, doesn't mean you have to miss out on moisture. All skin types will benefit from adding a moisturiser into their routine; oily skin especially, which is also very often dehydrated. The trick is to find the right match for your face and your needs. Look out for something water-based, lightweight, or oil-free to ensure your skin is getting all of the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser with none of the shine. 

3. Clear Everything Out With Clay

Clay masks (ahem, such as our own) do a tremendous job at giving an extra deep clean. They get rid of any leftover gross stuff from your pores and stop dead skin cells building up. Try adding one in once a week, as part of an at-home facial. Look for something with kaolin clay and zinc oxide; kaolin clay will detoxify the skin and zinc oxide is ultra soothing. The ultimate clarifying combo.

Other Helpful Habits To Try

Wash Your Pillowcases Regularly
And your makeup brushes! And your towels! And your face masks! And everything that regularly touches your face. These are all spots where sweat, dirt, bacteria, and other gross stuff are known to build up and cause congestion. As a rule, you should be aiming to wash them all at least once a week. Give fragrance-free washing detergents a go. Their heavily fragranced counterparts can cause irritation for sensitive-skinned dames if you’re not careful.

Invest In A Trusty Spot Treatment
Breakouts happen. To all of us! And that’s okay. Even if you’ve perfected your routine, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have a pimple again. So, keep your arsenal stocked and ready for when it does. If you do happen to get a pimple or two, it’s a good idea to have a targeted spot treatment on hand to sort them out fast. The Mario Badescu one has an obsessive, cult-y following. It dries out surface spots, therefore speeding up the healing process and reducing inflammation. Pimple patches are also a brilliant fix that won’t dry your skin out.

Wear SPF Daily
Making SPF a part of your everyday ritual while you're getting in the swing of a consistent skincare routine is one of the smartest things you can do for your skin. Easily. Daily SPF use will help prevent UV damage, which is something you want because prevention is a lot easier than trying to reverse that skin damage down the track. SPF! Every! Day!