The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

It's December! And that must mean you've already finished your holiday shopping and have all of your gifts organised and beautifully wrapped under the tree ready to go.

Hahaha. Don't worry we don't either. If, like us, you still have to finish (start?) your festive shopping, we thought you might like a little inspiration. So here's everything the gang at Go-To HQ are gifting this year. Read it. Use it. Copy our gift ideas and claim them as your own. We won't tell.

Ailish, Community Coordinator
As Harry Potter said when he saw the trolley full of magical sweets “I’ll take The Lot!” Two of those actually, for both of my older brothers who need an effective, easy, and practical introduction to skin care. You're welcome, brothers. Please don’t get me a candle again this year.

Jessica, Senior Brand Manager
“I bought Sweet Sleeps twice for myself. The first time I promptly lost the peach silk scrunchie within Day 2 of a 7 Day Holiday which led to the frantic second purchase. Suffice to say, it’s a fantastic present with a wonderful scrunchie that paired with Face Case really ensures my hair doesn’t knot no matter how hard it tries.”

Matt, Graphic Designer
"My best friend has decided (rather inconveniently) to get married around Christmas. So at the request of the bride, I will be gifting her Every Body to make sure she’s got that glow in full swing on the big day."

Leonie, Marketing Director
"My little nieces and nephew absolutely love Gro-To. Bad Dream Buster in particular is a winner and so I'm certain Sweet Dreams will qualify me for Aunty Of The Year status. And in the spirit of gift yo’self, Face Hero Extra (or two) will also be under the tree with my name on the gift tag!"

Megs, Content Manager
“I’ve grabbed Every Party for my best friend this year because bright, glowy skin is 100% her thing and I know she’ll love it. (I know this because she’s sent me half a dozen unsubtle hints about it.) Whether or not I keep the fluffy bag for myself is still very TBC.”

Makenzie, Operations
"Transformazing or Face Hero are usually a go-to gift for any occasion, so most of my friends and family are well stocked. That’s why I’m gifting Sweets Sleeps. The perfect silk staples for summer."

Alice, Gro-To Marketing Executive
"I'm grabbing Every Body for my hairdresser, because (as the name would suggest) it's the perfect gift for everybody. Also, I would like to continue being her favourite client, and I'm not afraid to buy her affections with nice-smelling lotion."

Rowena, Art Director
"My son’s teacher deserves a party, even just a party for one! So I’ve got her the Every Party set."

Emily, Social Media and PR Executive
“I’ve nabbed Luxe Night for each of my sisters (all three of them) because I know they'll adore it. As year-round lovers of Face Hero, the bigger, shinier, mega Face Hero Extra will see me take top spot on the sibling hierarchy. And in true competitive spirit I will go above and glowily beyond with the deluxe set, mostly so I don't have to clean up after lunch. (But also because they're pretty great.)"

Falisha, Community Coordinator
"I’ll be sending my sister Every Body. She’s big on moisturisers and will definitely go crazy for the Skin Party's wild summer garden scent. And a Face Hero Extra for me, please!"

Andrea, Ecommerce Manager
"My boyfriend has been (im)patiently waiting for the return of Bro-To for a few months, so I’ve grabbed him Bro-To The Lot. Although I may end up keeping the cute neoprene bag for myself, the jury is still out."

Natalie, Senior Designer
"I've gifted Double Cleanse to all my closest girlfriends. It's the perfect pressie for gals who aren't on the double-cleansing bandwagon just yet! Plus it comes in a luxe carton (making it super giftwrap friendly) with two freebies; Posh Cloth and the laundry bag. All this useful cuteness!”

Icon, Web Developer
"My sister has always loved Face Hero cos it's just so effective for her dry skin. So this Christmas, I’m getting her Face Hero Extra."

Susana, Quality Assurance Manager
"I’m gifting Every Party to my daughter’s childcare educators cos they are simply the best."

Georgia, Marketing and Content Coordinator
"If there’s one “can’t wait to gift” set this year, it’s Double Cleanse for my mum. Since she’s an expert at misplacing her Posh Cloths, the nifty laundry bag will be a lifesaver and will ensure no sock draw is left to blame. Paired with Fancy Face, her all-time, I'll pocket favourite child for sure."

Tara, Community Coordinator
"I’ll be sending Every Body to my Aunt in the UK! She'll love the extra moisturiser as it is winter and the fluffy bag is like me sending her a hug."

Brad, General Manager
"So excited to be gifting my three teenage boys Bro-To The Lot this year. Not sure who will be more excited, the boys or their mum, who now gets her Go-To back. Double delight!"

Hilary, Gro-To Creative Lead
"My niece and nephew are getting Bubbles and Squeaks and Sweet Dreams this Christmas. Wonder if there’ll be a fight over who gets the hat and who gets the pillowcase… (Sorry to my sister in advance.)"