Holiday Gifts To Leave Your Nearest And Dearest Feelin' Peachy

Holiday Gifts To Leave Your Nearest And Dearest Feelin' Peachy

The end of the year is very quickly approaching, and that can only mean one of three things: we’re sick of watching The Holiday, La Niña has left the building, and our limited edition holiday collection is here. (Hint: it’s definitely the latter.)

For anyone fretting about what to get their immediate family who “don’t need a thing”, or the trickier folk on your to-gift list (teachers/colleagues/hairdresser), we’ve compiled this completely unbiased gift guide to help free up some festive brainspace. 

Time to take the reins…

For The Mum Who Still Reminds You To Go To The Dentist

Someone in your life who deserves a big something extra, literally, well look no further than our best-selling award-winning Face Hero Extra. Supersized for some serious glow, we’ve popped this potent plant and nut oil in a very luxe (limited edition!) silver bottle so your giftee feels really special. And so they should! 

She’ll soothe, hydrate, revitalise, cover up any shortbread crumbs - what a hero!

For Your Very Best Mate Who Sends Very Lengthy Voice Notes

A lil’ something that best encapsulates the spontaneous friends in your life, Morning Glow prepares cute faces for anything the day might throw at them. (Lions! Tigers! Glare!) Featuring a full size Much Brighter Skin serum and Nifty Fifty broad spectrum sunscreen, you’ll receive ‘thank you’ texts on the reg. 

Plus a handful of free peach hair clips thrown in for additional festive flair!

For The Brother Who You Know Will Start Shopping On Christmas Eve

Let’s face it, he’s not thinking too hard about what to get you, so nab the One & Done and rest easy. Pairing Bro-To’s beloved shower MVP, Twofer, with a limited edition lip balm, this is a skin/hair/face loving gift that also gives off the illusion of a clean bathroom. Win, bloody win. 

For The Cousin Who’s Finally Booked That Big Europe Trip

Yep, they’ve booked that actual real-life holiday which has been on the cards (and spoken about at Christmas lunch) for literal years. So why not help with the travel prep? Go-To, To Go reserves crucial suitcase space for stylish fits by stacking three mini skin essentials inside a very convenient and very free clear zippy bag. 

Properly Clean, Much Brighter Skin, and Very Lightweight Moisturiser have been hand selected as our verified vacation-goers. Bon voyage holiday breakouts!

For Karen From HR Who You’ve Spoken To Just Once In The Elevator

Rumour has it you need a present so universal you could gift it to anyone. Welp, let us introduce you to Kris Kringle; a cheap and cheerful bundle which stars our glow-getting sheet mask, Transformazing, the Very Nourishing Body Bar, and we’ve thrown in a teeny tiny Much Brighter Skin too! You’ll be the St Nicholas of glowing skin (a surefire way to impress the rest of the office too). 

For You

Yes, you! No way you’re getting out of here without something special for yourself. 

Might we prescribe Glowy Face, which is loaded with our most restorative products: Transformazing sheet mask, and Lips! You deserve a treat too, so just revel in the radiance, would you!

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