The Benefits Of A Weekly DIY Facial

The Benefits Of A Weekly DIY Facial

Welcome! It’s likely that if you were enticed to read this article you (like the woman who wrote it) are someone who believes in the power of a good facial—And likely needs little to no convincing that a weekly facial is for you.

If you’re curious though, it’s definitely my pleasure to lay out the facts in a succinct, sometimes funny (?) way, for your enjoyment.

Let’s begin.

It’s An Investment In Self-Care

We’ll start with the obvious; facial time is ‘me’ time and we’ve written ad nauseum about skin care being intrinsically a part of self-care. Your beauty routine can positively affect your mental health and a weekly DIY facial is a nice way to commit to that ‘me time’ without fail, every single week.

It’s A Chance To Reset And Re-calibrate

A weekly DIY facial is a great reset; a chance to not only check in with your skin (our largest organ and waaay more important than your appendix) but treat it to a little extra TLC. Is your skin feeling a little dehydrated after 37 negronis last night? Did the mercury suddenly drop 10 degrees and your skin freak out? These are the kind of questions to keep in mind during your weekly facial and will help you tweak ingredients/formulas/spells accordingly.

You’ll Get Your Glow Back

After a long week of life—and the dirt, oil, pollution, goop that comes with it—a weekly facial can help refresh skin and get rid of all the stuff you definitely don’t want hanging out on your face. In other words: It helps defeat fiendish dull skin-givers and return your much deserved radiance in one fell swoop.

It’s A Magnificent (Sk)insurance Policy

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, a weekly DIY facial is a great insurance policy for long-term skin health and that all important glow. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated either, it could be a lovely 6-step routine followed by four hours of Gossip Girl (the original, naturally). Or, it could be an effective, two-step facial to clear away build-up and impurities, and ensure bigger issues (severe dryness! Dehydration! Crumbs!) don’t go unchecked for too long.

Did I convince you a weekly DIY facial is just what you need? Did it take only 20 words of my 359 to get you there? Great! Go-To’s Founder/Ping Pong Champion, Zoë Foster Blake details every step of her DIY Facial For Healthy, Clear Skin right here. Enjoy!