We Are Well And Truly In Our Beauty Refills Era

We Are Well And Truly In Our Beauty Refills Era

The global beauty industry alone produces more than 120 billion pieces of packaging per year (think: perfume, makeup, skincare, scalpcare). And who’s to know how much of that is really making it to the recycling bin. We know consumer appetite exists for more sustainable ways of living, so to not meet this demand could be considered a step in the wrong direction. 

Sustainability used to sit much lower on the list of new product development priorities, behind quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Perfume has always been (intentionally or not) ahead of the sustainability game, by creating keepsake bottles that are hard to part with. But in recent times, fragrance has edged even further ahead with brands like Maison Margiela creating refillable vessels.  

Onto skincare! Because we’re making sustainability work for us too. Refill tubs and pouches which you’re starting to see in record numbers, are decreasing the amount of plastic produced, decreasing the amount of plastic going to landfill (in some instances, by up to 80%), reducing water and energy used in manufacturing, and making sure you get bang for your buck. 

Go-To is proud to be in such great company on the path to reducing excess waste. Emma Lewisham, Glow Recipe, Charlotte Tilbury, Ere Perez, but a few of the popular brands making refillable beauty a no-brainer for their customers too. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of change.

Sydney is home to the first high-end recycled beauty concept store. Approaching skincare in the same way you might scoop your gluten free trail mix at The Source Bulk Foods. Inside Foile’s chic, minimalist outpost (conveniently located around the corner from Totti’s) you can find glass bottles and tubs that can be refilled from a growing collection of oils, gels, and clays. Dropping quite considerably in price after your very first purchase. Granted you continue to use the same glass vessel upon returning. Nice!

Taking a very similar/circular step is French bodycare brand L’Occitane. Launching their ‘forever bottles’ made from 100% recycled aluminium, back in 2021. Specially engineered to ensure quality and safety of your product with every refill from the formulation fountains available in select stores. They might not be as delicious-looking on your bathroom shelf, but you’re saving the planet and your pocket money at the same time. 

As is the case with any company who makes things, waste is inevitable. Reducing, reusing, recycling, rethinking at every level of the business is what’s going to inch a brand towards more eco-friendly practices. And it’s happening right now! In leaps and bounds! As per the above! 

We just want you to know it is a long and arduous journey. Complicated stuff for small businesses especially, those at the mercy of larger supply chains and technology. (Which we are, despite how big and bossy we feel.) But Go-To is committed to minimising impact where we can. And you’ll always have BTS access to come along for the ride. 

Recycling is in. And so are cargo pants. Keep up!