The Beauty Advice We’d Give Our Mums

The Beauty Advice We’d Give Our Mums

We’re on the cusp of another Mother’s Day, and aside from the gorgeous gifts and pastries galore scheduled for Sunday morning, we wanted to offer some constructive criticism to the women (in all their forms!) who raised us. Take it or leave it. 

Way back in 2021 we rallied Go-To HQ to share the best piece of beauty advice they’d ever received from their Mother Figure. This time round we’re throwing some advice back their way. Because we also know a thing or two about looking after your skin. 

“I’d tell my Mum to relax on the kohl eyeliner. Less is so much more. I’d also tell her just because Face Hero is an oil does not mean it can be used in lieu of Fancy Face when you run out. They are two different products. They work very differently. And it won’t remove your eyeliner.”

Georgia, Junior Brand Manager

“Smile with all the confidence of a woman who is perfect. Cos you are, Mum! (And, maybe, stop worrying about whether I'm spending too much money on Uber Eats. I've heard it gives you wrinkles.)” 

Alice, Gro-To Brand Manager 

“Take your makeup off each and every night. Please. Just do it.”

Jess, Marketing Manager 

“Treat! Yo! Self! Mum, you are always buying nice things for other people. Treat yourself (not just at duty free when the perfume or lippy is half price) because you are worth it.”

Anna, Purchasing Officer

“Don’t worry about those fine lines, they just show how much you smile every day! But if you want to help them, Very Luxe Face Cream is your girl. Also, you need to get more sleep!”

Christine, Executive Assistant  

“Wear sunscreen every day! Even if it's not sunny! And no, the SPF 15 in your makeup doesn't count.”

Andrea, Ecommerce Manager 

“Invest in a good quality moisturiser (ahem, Very Luxe Face Cream), and always use a brow product that has a brush and pencil for a more natural look!” 

Tahneika, Influencer and PR Coordinator 

“Do not use Swipeys to remove your makeup. I repeat. Swipeys are not a makeup wipe. Also: Don't use makeup wipes either. (Love you mum!)”

Hannah, Community Coordinator

“Time to ditch the matte foundation! You have beautiful skin and we don't need to cover it all up. Let's get some plump juicy skin and aim for a tinted moisturiser or a more dewy, radiant medium coverage foundation.”

Chiara, Content Creator 

“If time travel were a thing, I'd say go back and beg your girlfriends to not pluck your eyebrows too thin because who knew they wouldn't grow back. Also, don’t be afraid to rock a little colour on the cheeks or lips! “

Maddie, Brand Content Executive

“Hey mum! The sun in Australia is much stronger than in Ireland. Please use sunscreen when you move here.“

Ailish, Marketing Coordinator

“If you're not in bed by midnight, come home.” (Beauty sleep etc.)

Diana, Purchasing Officer