Beauty-ish Podcasts To Binge This Weekend

Beauty-ish Podcasts To Binge This Weekend

Hot Girl Walks get a little harder to do when you factor in daylight savings and gloomy weather, but that’s no reason to hang up your headphones and forfeit listening to your favourite podcast. 

For all things beauty, these are some of the single eps we’ve been loving of late. News on the latest product releases, seasonal skincare tips, and hair hacks, you should totally tune in too. 

You Beauty by Mamamia

Zoë Foster Blake On The One Hack That Transformed Her Skin

Hello, Go-To founder. (Hello, shameless plug.) In this bite-size 17-minute ep you’ll hear how Zoë transformed her skin with all the lessons learned working in beauty for over two decades, her foolproof ‘shit skin fix’, and the 2024 beauty trends that are overrated. 

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Beauty Talk by Gritty Pretty

In conversation With Gritty Pretty

Australia’s answer to Dua Lipa? Kita Alexander. On the precipice of launching her debut album, Young In Love, the 28-year-old (with two kids in tow, and a hubby who’s a professional surfer) Kita sits down with Gritty Pretty to talk about finding her authenticity, navigating motherhood and a thriving music career, and of course, the beauty bits n bobs she can’t live without. 

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Outspoken Beauty

Melissa Leong On The Art Of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Acclaimed Australian food writer, food critic, and ex-Masterchef judge, Melissa Leong, just so happens to be incredibly eloquent and passionate about beauty, fragrance, and wellbeing. Listen to Melissa talk about her renewed focus on glowing, healthy skin, her go-to style of makeup, and what beauty now means as a woman in her 40s. 

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Fat Mascara

Skincare Age Restrictions, Butt Wellness, And The Latest Beauty News

A candid discussion about how beauty retail giants are considering banning sales of anti-ageing skincare for tweens and teens, a new line of products exclusive for your toosh, fragrance trends for 2024, and the best places to shop for beauty in The Big Apple. An interesting, international listen. 

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Gloss Angeles

The Best Lip Masks, Eyeliners, And More Of Your Beauty Questions Answered

A moment for the routine mailbag. Hosts Kirby and Sara answer all your burning beauty questions, like; What’s the best long-lasting eyeliner? How do you start using self-tanning products? What do you really think about silicone patches? And, are eye serums really worth it? 

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Beauty IQ Uncensored

Syncing your skincare with your menstrual cycle

Dermatologist (and, coincidentally, a friend of Go-To!) Dr Cara Macdonald demystifies cycle syncing: staying in tune with your hormonal fluctuations throughout the month to better understand what your skin - dry, dull, breakout-y one minute and insanely glowy the next - and body needs. 

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The Beauty Podcast

Which Hair Products Should You Actually Be Using, With Jaye Edwards

Founder, director, lead colourist at Edwards and Co, Jaye Edwards, sits down to uncomplicate the growing market of haircare. Confused as to whether you need a hairspray, a shine spray, or texture spray once you’ve perfected that slick-back bun? Jaye is going to tell you what to use (and what products you are likely using incorrectly). 

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