To Dupe Or Not To Dupe?

To Dupe Or Not To Dupe?

A dupe is a furry, ceremonial hat worn during ancient pagan rituals. (True!)

It means to trick or deceive. (Also true!)

And now it’s a word that’s been twisted and stretched to take on a life of its own. To the point where a dupe itself has grown to be even more valuable than the original. Despite its questionable quality. 

Let me start by saying dupes are nothing new. We’ve merely floated a more alluring veil over past terms like ‘knockoff’ and ‘counterfeit’. And it worked. You feel and sound savvier for scoring a dupe, right? Less embarrassment, less negativity. 

But I firmly believe there is a time to dupe. And many a time not to dupe. 


I’m talking couches, rugs, coffee tables, lamps, office chairs. For my age and disposable income, designer homewares are simply not viable. There have been too many wine spills and pasta sauce splashes for me to justify dropping a few thousand so my zoom background is as chic as can be. 

Kmart and Adairs will comfortably quench my thirst for Scandi-with-pops-of-colour style for now. 

Verdict: To dupe. 

Bed Linen

We spend roughly a third of our day (!!) nestled between a fitted sheet and a duvet, so it’s safe to say that bed linen should be a considered purchase. A cheap blend could wreak havoc on your REM cycle. You need something soft, warm and breathable, but still chic. 

Long fibres = high quality. Egyptian cotton is considered the créme de la créme of bed sheets today, closely followed by pima cotton. Linen and bamboo fibres are also known for their insulation benefits, keeping you cool in summer and snug in winter. Just steer clear of any scratchy polyester. 

Verdict: Not to dupe. 


I’m going to straddle the fabric fence here, but let me explain why. We’re seeing a helluva lot of trends come and go each season and if you are someone who wants to jump on the train then and there, your wallet will thank you for seeking out dupes from smaller boutiques instead of risking a designer purchase that loses its ‘cool’ in a couple of months time (like, how long really will we be infatuated with the Miu Miu ballet flats?). 

But! When it comes to timeless items that are going to be worn on repeat for years - a classic trench, leather jacket, knee high boots - it’s worth the added investment when longer wear is guaranteed.

Verdict: To dupe (trends) and not to dupe (classics). 


I really don’t want to muck around with my skin health. I want to know what I’m massaging into my pores has my best interests at heart (a glowy, dewy, clear complexion). And this comes with chasing formulas that are gentle, effective, and backed-by-science. There are very trustworthy brands that sit between the Neutrogena’s and the Lamer’s of the beauty world. Affordable luxuries. Like Go-To. 

We want to protect skin, nourish it, keep that barrier strong. Hence why Go-To has entrusted formulators with decades of experience in organic and natural skincare. This means you can rest easy using our stuff. It’s gentle. It’s your results-driven friend. Why stray from what you know/love? 

Verdict: Not to dupe. 


So by not duping on skincare you’re granted a little leeway here. Makeup (foundations specifically) can only add so much oomph to the skin when you already have a really nourished base. Meaning there is less harm opting for the cheaper version. Blush, bronzer, mascara, lipstick, they all do the exact same thing, just with varying texture and pigment. 

At a fraction of the price, and following a bit of trial and error, you can still find a very flattering formula that is suited to your skin type. 

Verdict: To dupe. 


Soooo, ALDI? For everything? Essentially. Because tell me who is hoofing down Lindt Chocolate, Castello Cheese, or Carman's Muesli Bars to get through the working week? 

Aside from sourcing quality meats from the butcher and fruit and vege from the market, filling your pantry with name brand cereals, grains and snacks is going to shave a few dollars off your weekly shop so you can drop it in your savings account instead. Europe 2024 we see you already. 

Verdict: To dupe.