I’m An Acne-Prone Beauty Editor, And Here's My Honest Review Of Go-To’s New Clarifying Exfoliator

I’m An Acne-Prone Beauty Editor, And Here's My Honest Review Of Go-To’s New Clarifying Exfoliator

Me and my skin have had a contentious relationship over the years. As a teenager I dealt with the predictable manifestations of adolescence – random spots, a changing body and an embarrassingly emo MSN name – but it wasn’t until I took a break from the pill in my mid-20s that my skin started to freak out.

Suddenly a bunch of painful, cystic hormonal breakouts decided to take up residency all along my neck, cheeks and jawline and flatly refused to leave, no matter what I did. This period of my life also coincided with the beginning of my career as a beauty editor, which meant I had every expert, treatment and product at my disposal – and yet, my acne stubbornly persisted.

I felt self-conscious about my skin, particularly as my profession all but dictated that I should have a clear, flawless complexion. How could I advise others on how to care for their skin when I was so visibly struggling with my own? Eventually I learned to accept my perceived flaws and took the pressure off, and now a few years down the track – after a lot of treatments, trials and errors – my skin is much more healthy and balanced.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not still susceptible to breakouts, however. I’ve accepted that without ongoing medical intervention (something that I needed to forgo for a few reasons), I’ll probably always deal with acne – and that’s okay. I no longer determine my self-worth by the size of my pores or a lack of breakouts, but I have learned what works to keep my skin healthy with minimal congestion.

One of the biggest supports I’ve found for keeping my skin clear is regular chemical exfoliation. So when Go-To released their new Clarifying Exfoliator, which was formulated to regulate acne-prone skin, I immediately began to slowly introduce it to my routine. Given that my skin tends to protest loudly to new products, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was gentle enough to make a major difference without causing irritation.

That would be because the formula contains a considered cocktail of plant-powered actives alongside calming antioxidants and vitamins to ensure that the skin barrier isn’t compromised as it works. Using it as a daily toner in my routine, I began swiping a small amount over freshly-cleansed skin in the AM (and always, always following with SPF).

Now several weeks on, I’m seriously impressed by the glow Go-To’s Clarifying Exfoliator has delivered. The strong but tolerable 2% beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and willow bark extract help to combat congestion, which I’d been experiencing quite a lot of thanks to the stress of an interstate move. I’ve also noticed that my skin is looking brighter, more balanced and with much less blackheads, which is a major win.

I find the formula to be very powerful, but also love how well it plays with the rest of my products. Since I started using the Clarifying Exfoliator, I haven’t had a single breakout and there’s zero signs of irritation. There’s no stinging or tingling sensations either, which is a completely unique characteristic compared to other BHA-based toners I’ve tried.

All in all, I’m excited to see how my glow continues to develop as I use the Clarifying Exfoliator each day. If you look at the photos of my skin before and after, the results are clear – and now, my skin is too.

Clarifying Exfoliator Face Go-To Skincare
150ML / 5.07 FL OZ

Clarifying Exfoliator

BHA and Willow Bark

An exfoliating toner designed to keep skin clear, and minimise pores. Ideal for regulating acne-prone, oily skin types, and helping to calm breakouts. This balancing toner is made with non-irritating willow bark extract to help shed dead skin cells and provide a proper clean, and a strong but very tolerable 2% beta-hydroxy acid (BHA).