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January 2019

When Zoë Foster Blake, founder of Go-To, launched Zincredible, a lightweight physical SPF 15 sunscreen, the internet had a meltdown.

November 2018

The former Cosmo beauty editor, author, app creator, Go-To skincare founder and all-round #BOSS shares her secrets.

July 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Australian women hang on writer, beauty even and social media star Zoe Foster Blake's every zippy, self-deprecating word. Now she's ready to find more fans in another corner of the globe.

May 2018

Like many budding beauty businesses, Foster Blake kicked off Go-To after creating one smart product: a multi-purpose oil she concocted after being approached by a brand to collaborate on a make-up collection.

January 2018

A one-size-fits-all option: wipes, which pull triple duty to whisk away leftover impurities, gently exfoliate (so your subsequent skin care products can penetrate the skin more easily), and hydrate.
Vogue Australia

December 2017

Zoe Foster Blake, founder of Go-To Skin Care, says what we choose to rest our head on at night also affects our skin. It's why the latest addition to her Go-To beauty line happens to be a silk pillowcase
Sunday Life

November 2017

Our hands are two of the hardest-working parts of our anatomy and take a regular thrashing. Stash hand lotions bedside, deskside and in the car glove box to keep skin and cuticles nourished.
M2 Nz

November 2017

Earlier I talked about good products not necessarily looking blokey, but this is an exception. Designed and formulated specially for men, the Bro-To range is one that even the manliest men won't be afraid to use.
Women's Fitness

October 2017

What do you get when you combine nourishing shea, cocoa and cupuacu butters with macadamia oils, jojoba esters and antioxidant-rich berry extracts? Wonder Woman. Uh, we mean, Go-To's Super Handy
M2 Style

May 2017

Luxurious Necessity. A tip that you'll be eternally grateful for - and that will continue to follow - is to invest in a silk pillowcase, or two.
Vogue Australia

April 2016

Go-To plays to the Australian way - that is, skin care products that aim to marry efficacy and results, but also come with humour via tongue-in-cheek descriptions that provoke a smile.

May 2016

The wipes. Sweeps away pimple-causing build-up.