Meet Go-To Pinky-Nudey Lips: It's the lip balm that sold out in two days, came back into stock and then sold out again. Wondering what the fuss is about? Well, there are two reasons. Number one is that Pinky-Nudey Lips is the brainchild of former beauty editor and skincare queen Zoe Foster Blake. She unveiled the new product to her 342 thousand followers on Instagram by posting a video (which has now been viewed 135 thousand times.) Secondly, Pinky-Nudey Lips claims to be is the ultimate multitasking lip balm for low-key women. It contains a blend of butters, oils and ultra medical grade lanolin to keep your lips happy, especially in winter. While all this is happening, Pinky-Nudey Lips also gives your lips a part-pink-part-nude colour. (Hence the name, Pinky-Nudey Lips!) Oh, and it ALSO has SPF 15 sun protection. At just $17, the price point isn't bad either.