These Go-To masks are wonderful. Seriously. Bloody wonderful. Five stars. Six, if that's allowed. The mask left my skin looking radiant and dewy without ever stepping into that dreaded sweaty/oily territory. Somehow my skin also looked more even, despite the mask only being on for a scroll through Instagram. I know that some people might be turned off by the price a pack of six setting you back $45 sounds expensive, but I assure you it isn't. It's good value. The pack isn't something you'll whip out to use once a week (in case you're a celebrity who has big events every week - in which case I'm sure you can cop the cost.) These are the secret weapons you pull out on occasion. Weddings! Engagement parties! Your birthday! Your best friend's birthday! Your dog's birthday if you're so inclined! They're special. And, in my opinion, should be reserved exclusively for when you want to take that extra step to look like the love child of Beyonce and Ryan Gosling. A pack might last you a year. So, would I recommend you picking up a pack of six from Go-To? Yes, I would. When I use my other five, I will be repurchasing them for myself.