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Bro-To FAQs

From order tracking to washing instructions, our FAQs are such know-it-alls.

This page is here to help you with all the nitty gritty Bro-To details. But don’t believe me, I’m just the voice activated dictation robot. Believe the company when they answer all of your skin care queries and order questions with this comprehensive FAQ and tip megabase.

Your Order

Sure can. Click below for full tracking details:

Track Your Order

Just pop in your email and order number (It should look something like this: GSH999999.) Boom. Tracked.

Depends on how much you’ve bribed your postie. Also, where you live! The shipping estimates below will give you an idea of when you should expect your Bro-To so you can plan celebrations accordingly.

Australian Domestic: Typically 1-2 business days. 

New Zealand: Typically 2-3 business days. 

All other international customers: Typically 10-14 business days. 

If you want to change your order please email with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help. Unfortunately once the order has been processed, it's yours. However, please check our returns and refunds policy here.

Yes, we offer all of this, please read in fascinating detail here.

Purchasing & Shipping

Bro-To is exclusively available right here. (..For now.)

Our Australian Warehouse ships everywhere except the US, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and Central America. Orders usually take 10-14 days to arrive, and make neighbours very jealous. Want to get your hands on Bro-To over there? Head over to our US website for speedy shipping and less kangaroo references.

If your tin and string isn't working, please try or shoot our community team a message on live chat.

No. Sorry. We have arrogantly elected to be a 100% online business.

You will be alerted that we're out when you try to buy it, OR if we run out after you've already placed your order we will apologise profusely and then offer you the option of waiting until it's back in stock, another product or a refund.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, Apple Pay and Shop Pay.

Absolutely. We securely encrypt your data using a Comodo 128-bit security certificate to ensure your details and life savings are 101% safe-as, always. You can find out more about the certificate we use to encrypt your data by clicking on the padlock icon in your browser when accessing a secure page.

No. Never. Gross.

Returns & Refunds

Nah. We would never. (We would but legal said no.) We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products from the time of purchase.

Click here for all the gloriously dull returns details.

Products & Ingredients

Nope! Bro-To is completely cruelty free, and we have the CFF accreditation to prove it.

Nah. It’s not really our thing. So you’ll find no parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum or synthetic colours in our products. You can read about everything we leave out and why right here.

In Australia. Which is why they all smell like Vegemite (no).

We do. We are a private company, owned and operated in Australia.

Face Hero IS your new beard oil. Of course, its primary benefit is replenishing the skin, but it also adds sheen and softness to even the longest and most impressive beards. We recommend massaging it all over the face and beard before moisturising.

Bro-To products are made with the exact same bestselling formulations as Go-To. We just gave them their own identity, and a signature Bro-To scent.

Properly Clean: 1-2 pumps.

Face Hero: 3-5 drops.

Very Useful Face Cream: At least a pea-sized amount, but more if you’re feeling parched, or have a large face. (Don’t worry, Big Face, there are lots of us out here.)

Twofer: A decent squirt.

YOU MUST! Bro-To products are designed for sensitive skin! They’re calming and restorative and have been made with a company philosophy of ‘not pissing off the skin.’ Very Useful Face Cream and Face Hero are dermatologically tested to be safe for sensitive skin, and Properly Clean is as gentle as a kitten’s punch.

There is of course no rule that men must buy Bro-To and women must buy Go-To. In fact, we know many women prefer Bro-To because of the scent. So choose what you like. Which will look better in your bathroom. What speaks to you. But no matter which packaging you go for, you can feel confident knowing the formulations and your results will be exactly the same across both brands.

In some ways they are different, yes. But overall, skin is skin, and it needs and responds to the same things. For example, testosterone production means there is an increased risk of acne and larger pores and oiliness in men. How would men treat these things? With salicylic acid. How would women treat these things? ...With salicylic acid.

Men’s skin can be up to 25% thicker, leading to oiliness and congestion. How would men treat such things? With AHAs, and regular chemical exfoliation. Women? Same.

Men experience dryness, irritation and the destruction of the lipid barrier as a result of shaving. How would men treat such things? With a soothing, anti-inflammatory product that helps with barrier repair and nourishment, like Face Hero. Ditto women.

Ultimately, we believe ingredients, formulation and consistency of use are what counts in skin care. At Go-To, Bro-To and even Gro-To, we view skin as a lifelong project of love and looking after, no matter your gender, age or stage. Or in other words, everyone benefits from a simple daily skin care routine incorporating antioxidants, AHAs, SPF, essential fatty acids and vitamins. And that’s what we do best.

There is no rule that men must buy Bro-To and women must buy Go-To. Buy what you like! What you’ll use! No matter which packaging pleases you most, it’s what’s inside that counts.

It’s worth giving some context as to why Bro-To exists. Back in 2016 we knew a lot of men and boys were pinching their wife’s, girlfriend’s, mum’s, sister’s or housemate’s Go-To. They used and loved it, but never bought it for themselves. Why?, we asked them. The packaging, they said. So we launched Bro-To as a Father’s Day joke. We intentionally made it boring, grey and deliberately hyper-masculine to poke fun at men’s skin care.

Fast forward a few years and Bro-To has developed a very loyal, large and passionate customer base. The joke wasn’t funny anymore: Bro-To was A Real Thing and it needed its own identity as a full-fledged skin care line.

Just as we did with women and children, we wanted to welcome boys and men into skincare with excitement and a welcoming wink. It can be fun! It should be fun.

So we created packaging that boys and men could feel proud to buy and use. Not black, grey or or dull, but vibrant, energetic and lively: something with personality and punch. And so, with the same drivers as Go-To - usefulness and simplicity - and products and formulas we know work, Bro-To now offers men, boys, those who identify as male, and those who simply prefer aqua over peach, a modern and friendly avenue into skin care.

There are plenty of great gender-neutral brands out there, but it’s reasonable to say Go-To would not qualify as one. Go-To has an immense and loyal audience who love it in all its peachy glory; men and women both; changing Go-To to be a minimalist, gender-neutral brand is not an option. But creating a fresh new brand for the many men who love and use the products, is.

Skin Care Concerns

Face Hero is the MVP for all things itchy, irritated, or angry. Wash your face, apply 3-5 drops of Face Hero onto your hands and then massage the oil into your face, both morning and night. It will calm down pissed off skin fast, and we don’t want to brag (we do) but we have hundreds, maybe thousands, of reviews to prove it.

No. Think of all the sunscreen, dirt, pollution, and tomato sauce you get on your face each day. If those things aren’t removed, you get breakouts, clogged pores, and dull, tired skin. That’s why you need a cleanser.

Water does nothing except leave your skin thirstier once it’s dry (think of how your skin feels after a swim) and soap dries the shit out of it, leaving it tight and unhappy and looking aged. Our cleanser is plant-based and gentle, but very thorough so you get clean skin, but also very soft, smooth, comfortable skin.

  1. Wash off the day. Use 1-2 pumps of Properly Clean on (wet) skin to give your face a thorough cleanse. Follow with a decent squirt of Twofer all over your body and hair to feel fresh from head-to-toe.
  2. Replenish. Apply 3-5 drops of Face Hero all over your face (and beard) for healthy, hydrated skin.
  3. Protect. Finish off with SPF (in the AM) or Very Useful Face Cream (in the PM) to protect the skin, and keep it supple, hydrated and handsome, for longer.

The skin is made of both oil and moisture, and it functions best when you maintain both its oil and moisture levels. One without the other will feel a bit lacking, because they work best in harmony. By applying a nourishing, repairing face oil that balances oil levels and maintains the skin’s barrier and then locking in all of that plus add some anti-aging antioxidants and moisture with a face cream, you’ve given your skin the full service. And it will show.

It seems counterintuitive, but face oils don’t make your skin oily, nor do they clog pores. In fact they’re terrific at balancing skin that is overproducing oil and giving you shine and breakouts.

Face Hero's blend of all-botanical oils nourish the skin (oily skin can often be very dehydrated) and provides the essential fatty acids skin needs to function properly. This means the sebaceous glands (that secrete oil) can relax, and stop producing so much oil. And less oil means less blemishes. Nice.

We recommend at least daily, (at night, to wash the day off) but Properly Clean is so gentle you can use it twice, so feel free to use it in your morning shower, too. It leaves skin fresh, clean, and primed for your skin care routine, whether that’s serums, face oils, moisturiser/SPF, or it’s just SPF and out the door.

Use Bro-To cos this what we do best. All Bro-To products are great for dry skin, but in particular Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream, (used together and in that order, ideally) which are deeply hydrating and soothing for even the driest and unhappiest of dry skin.

Please do. In particular we recommend Properly Clean and Face Hero which thousands of customers have found to be extremely effective for both calming down and clearing up congested skin. Finish off with a lightweight face lotion. (Some people find our Very Useful Face Cream a bit heavy if they have acne.)

Most SPFs are emollient enough to do both, so just Face Hero and then SPF in the AM should be fine. If you’re very dry and you’d like a little extra glow and moisture in the mornings, you might want to use a face cream before your SPF, though we find most customers save Very Useful Face Cream for before bed.

We don’t recommend it. The skin on your body is different to your face and Twofer was formulated to give the body and hair a real thorough wash. After a face wash? Properly Clean’s your guy.

As often as you shower. Twofer was formulated to be gentle enough for even very dry, very sensitive, or several-showers-a-day people.

Gifts & Packaging 

Absolutely. (An excellent idea, just quietly.) Just make sure you enter the details of who you are sending the gift to during the checkout process.

An Eco Box: This box is made from 66% recycled material and 34% kraft paper which was produced using sustainable forestry practices. They are 100% recyclable, printed with water-based ink, and use no glue.


No. All products will be grouped and sent in the one shipper (or more depending on how much you order).

Press & Media

Come play with us on social media. We are @brotoskincare on Instagram.

Please contact the PR wizards at

e-Gift Card

e-Gift Cards are special dollars that you give to someone you like, which they can use to buy goodies on the website.

No. Just on

When you purchase an e-Gift Card, you will instantly receive an email with said e-Gift Card, that you can forward on to the lucky recipient once you feel they’ve truly earned it.

As they are sent to your email address, they are instant. Take that, paper vouchers.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on e-Gift Cards once they have been purchased. However, if you have any issues with a product you have bought using your e-Gift Cards, please view our Refunds and Returns policy.

e-Gift Cards last 36 months from the date of purchase, and only 20 seconds in a plank competition.

Add your items to your cart in the usual way, then when you’re ready to pay you can choose to pay with your e-Gift Card, or a credit card, or even a combination of both!

Yes, you don’t have to have the exact amount on your e-Gift Card, you can make a part payment with your e-Gift Cards and a credit card in one transaction.

Nope. You can only use e-Gift Cards purchased with Australian Dollars (AUD) on our Australian site.

e-Gift Cards purchased from our Australian website are only available in AUD.

No Dice

Send the Bro-To Community team an email or shoot them a message on live chat. We love hearing from you.