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Pin the grin on Sud Bud!

Birthday parties should always have fun games! (Also, cake! And fairy bread, and lolly bags.) So, for our first birthday, we celebrated with the MOST fun party game we could think of: Pin the Grin on Sud Bud.

Here’s how to play:

1. Grab some fun mates. Hype them up with creaming soda, maybe.
2. Let your mate grab a grin, then put a blindfold on them.
3. Spin them around twice. (Throw ‘em off their game. Ha!)
4. Let them stick the grin where they think Sud Bud’s mouth should be.
5. Once everyone’s had a turn, the grin that gets the closest wins.
6. Celebrate by eating waaaay too much cake. Oops.

Now, download the printable. It’s party time at your place!