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How to make your own holiday baubles.

If you have young children, you probably also have a Christmas tree peppered with crafty home-made ornaments and paper snowflakes. Well, these delightful DIY baubles are a cute, colourful addition! They’re also a cinch to make, and guaranteed to make little humans very proud of their handiwork.

You’ll need:

- Colourful paper
- Cotton balls
- Gro-To stickers
- String
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Craft glue


How to:


1. Step one: The Bauble!
Grab your ruler, and measure eight strips of paper (they should be 1cm x 21cm), then use your scissors to carefully cut them out. Fold the strips in half to make a crease in the centre of each one. Then, glue each strip at the centre, creating a 16-point star. Cute! Now, curl each opposite end and glue together to create the bauble shape.


2. Step two: The Hat!
Steal one from Santa. Or, using a cup, trace a semicircle onto red paper. Glue into a cone shape, leaving a hole at the top for a loop of string. Thread the string through and glue or tape the knotted end in place. Take a cotton ball and carefully pull it apart to create the hat trim and pom pom. Glue these onto the hat.


3. Step three: The Finished Product!
Pop the hat on the bauble and glue it in place. Then stick on a face, and marvel at your Christmassy masterpiece.