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More pests telling you to do a bloody baby massage.

Most parents have desperately Googled ‘baby massage gassy wind’ or ‘calming sleep baby sleep massage sleep’ at 2.14am at some point. This is because we parents inherently know it is probably very relaxing and soothing for a tiny human new to the world, and can do a great deal of useful stuff, like help babies digest and do giant toots.

We reckon it’s worth a shot, and we’re not just saying that cos we sell a wonderfully nourishing and calming body oil for children, promise. For one, it’s a very good way to calm everyone the heck down before bed. For two, it replenishes their skin and provides excellent barrier repair. And for three: gassy, windy babies really benefit from massage.

Try it after bathtime, when the room is in low light and all toasty, and when your baby is calm but alert, (and hasn’t just eaten). Start gently, but firmly, massaging Skin Wizard all over – palms, thighs, arms and of course, the tummy.

Staying on theme, imagine your hands are a wizard's cloak: drape them across your child’s body in a gentle, rhythmic manner. Stroke from the heart to the hands and then from head to toes. Repeat. It should feel (and smell!) delightful, for both of you. And that’s never a bad thing.

Remember, your teeny, pot-bellied baby will be a big grubby, whiffy kid one day, and won’t want a bar of you massaging their tum.