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Here's how to tell a really good story.

You probably weren’t exactly looking forward to your 158th time reading ‘Goodnight Moon’, but let’s face it, that’s less daunting than having your not-in-the-slightest-bit-tired kid look you in the eye and ask, “Can you tell me a story… not from a book?” 

Gillian McDunn knows what it feels like to have a child’s expectant face inches from her own, demanding on-the spot entertainment. (She’s a mum.) Gillian also knows what it’s like to tell a ripper of a story. (She’s also a children’s book author.) And thankfully she’s got a bunch of very simple, very useful, very fun ways to think up stories on the fly that will amuse little minds.

We loved her tips and we’re willing to bet our last chocolate-coated pretzel you’ll love them, too. (Actually, scrap that, we just ate the pretzel. But you can still read Gillian’s brilliance HERE.)