Skin Magic


What is it?

A super-nourishing body oil and creamy moisturiser that work together to calm and soften dry, delicate or touchy skin. (And leave your whiffy rugrat with a delicious coconut and honey scent!) Try using Skin Wizard while skin is still damp after bathtime, then apply Super Softy (just as you would apply a face oil and a moisturizer to your own skin). You’ll be in a world of ssssilky smooth, sensational smelling skin in no time!


Transforms rough rascals into squishy softies.


How Do I Use This Set

  1. Massage Skin Wizard all over cute, excitable babies or boisterous big kids after a light towel off post-bath/shower, or whenever a little skin relief is needed.
  2. Follow with a generous slather of Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums, and rumps (especially rumps).
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