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Why choose fragrance-free skincare for your kids?


There’s two new products in our Gro-To line-up: they’re cute, calming, fun and fragrance-free. Your favourite gentle, plant-based bubble bath, Sud Bud, and nourishing body oil, Skin Wizard, are now available in a fragrance-free version. But what does that really mean? Read on!


Let’s start with, what is fragrance free?

Fragrance-free skincare is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s formulas that contain no added fragrance, of the synthetic or natural variety – which makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin, and sensitive schnozzes. When it comes to our fragrance-free range, Sud Bud and Skin Wizard have almost exactly the same calming formulas as the OG products, full of soothing, nourishing plant-based ingredients and natural oils, just without the added sweet orange, coconut and honey scent.


Sud Bud Fragrance Free Gro-To Gro-To SkincareSud Bud Fragrance Free Gro-To Gro-To Skincare
400ML / 13.53 FL OZ

Sud Bud Fragrance Free

Gentle Bubble Bath


Who should be using fragrance-free products?

Anyone can! There are several reasons why you might choose to use fragrance-free products on your baby or toddler’s skin. They include:

  • Fragrance is a sensory barrier for your child.
  • Your kid’s skin is particularly sensitive to fragrance ingredients – even natural ones.
  • Your nose just isn’t a fan of a particular smell. (We won’t hold it against you! Promise.)


So, does it smell like… nothing?

Not quite. There’s a difference between ‘fragrance-free’ products, where no fragrance is added to make the product smell a certain way or to mask the smell of ingredients in the formula, and ‘unscented’ products, which may contain masking scents and are formulated to have no smell. Some natural ingredients have a pleasant fragrance but cause no irritation and are great for skin. These include rosemary leaf, macadamia and jojoba, which are still present in the fragrance-free versions of Sud Bud and Skin Wizard.


Do I need to swap to fragrance-free?

If you’re currently using fragranced products on your kids without irritation and you both enjoy the scent, there’s really no need to switch. It’s helpful to note: Our Gro-To fragrance is non-synthetic, 100% naturally derived and present in a minute amount, but it is always possible your child’s skin may be sensitive to an ingredient in the product. So, if you’re worried about added fragrances causing a sensitising reaction on your tiny human’s skin – well, that’s exactly why we made fragrance-free Sud Bud and Skin Wizard! And you should absolutely give them a try.

(But always patch test first. That’s still very important.)