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Four Mums On The Best Advice They’ve Ever Recieved

We know Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for some. If you find this time challenging, our friends at Motherless Daughters Australia are on-hand to offer support to those living without their Mum.

It’s almost Mother’s Day! And everyone knows that the very best way to celebrate is to drop your kids off with a babysitter/grandma/fun uncle/literally-anyone-who-will-take-them and spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing. 

But if that's not on the cards, we've got the next best thing: A round-up of top tips from a bunch of top-er mums. Luckily for us, there are a heap of them in our beloved Gro-To community. So, naturally, we pestered a few of them to tell us their very best advice. And like the generous gallahs they are, they gave it to us, and now, you

Read! Relate! Then try real hard to relax for a few minutes: You friggen deserve it.

Meet Tiff!

“Hello! My name is Tiff, mum to a little girl, Chloe, who's 1.5 years old. We also have two dogs, a cat, and a bunny, and I have my own Nail Studio Business called Nails Today, where I paint for clients and teach students.

Mother's Day is close to my birthday, and this year we are going away to Mornington Peninsula for a few days. We booked a place on a beautiful farm, so first thing you see when you wake up are cute animals.

What I learnt when I had Chloe was there's now a huge focus to look after myself, mentally and physically. I was very fortunate to have my mum stay with us (also because we were stuck in lockdown) and my mum kept saying the focus was on me. The tradition for our culture is to stay in one month confinement to heal, to gain strength, and to be healthy again. I'm so grateful for the care and love my mum gave to me.” 

Meet Alexandra!

“Hi! My name’s Alexandra. I'm 31 years old, live in regional Victoria, have been a beauty therapist for seven years and I'm a mum to a beautiful 18 month old boy, Spencer. 

I will be spending Mother's Day this year moving myself, husband, and son in with my parents as we wait for our house to be built. This also means I might actually have the chance to put my feet up! (Thanks, mum!)

The best advice I've received about motherhood is do what works for you and your baby, no matter what anyone else says.”

Meet Kelsey! 

“I’m a first time mother to my beautiful one year old daughter Rosie, I am stay at home mum, and on Mother’s Day I will be spending the day with my family and hopefully getting to stay in bed past 6AM. 

The best advice I ever received was to enjoy every minute. Even through the sleepless nights and poop explosions; one smile from your baby just makes it all worth it. 

What you think is the “perfect” parent isn’t what always works. Sometimes the only way to eat your dinner while it is still hot is letting your kid watch Elmo. And that is perfectly ok! You just need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself and just roll with what work for you and family and not what you think everyone expects of you.” 

Meet Amy!

My name is Amy, I’m a makeup artist, a small business owner from The Monday Studio. I’m a mother of a three year old boy and expecting to have another boy in June. I haven’t planned much for this years Mother’s Day, but hoping to have a relaxing one. 

Before becoming a mum, I wish I knew that you couldn’t plan your birth experience and the best advice I’ve ever received about motherhood is ‘don’t compare yourself to other mums’.