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Meet our food expert: Claire Grullemans

I’m Claire! I’ve been working as a naturopath and nutritionist for more than 14 years (which officially makes my career older than Cars). I’m super passionate about food! I’ve always loved cooking, eating, traveling (and eating), and exploring nature.

Since becoming a mum to my adorable little rugrats, who are now four and two, I’ve been enjoying all of these things with two little humans in tow. Just recently, we had an awesome family adventure to the snowy mountains where we skied, and explored some of our beautiful native land, and ate curry, and enjoyed delicious hot chocolates on the slopes! (We couldn’t not.)

My goal as a naturopath and as a parent is to share ideas and education about how to enjoy real food. Food that’s healthy and nutrient dense. (Just a fancy way of saying, it’s good for you.) And I’m super excited to be bringing that knowledge to a whole new community.


From Claire...

• How food can affect kids moods.