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Turn your empty Gro-To mates into fun games!

Got a couple of Gro-To empties? A free afternoon? Some crafty supplies? Bored kids who will not do any more colouring-in? Try making and playing these fun mini games…


Sud Bud Ring Toss

You’ll need:

  • An empty Sud Bud
  • Long, skinny pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Coloured/glitter-y cardboard
  • Pompoms (optional, but strongly encouraged)


How to:

1. Rinse out your empty Sud Bud bottle so that there are no more sneaky suds. And dry it off!

2. Pull the top of the pump off the lid so you're left with just a pointy end.

3. Cut a small square of cardboard and roll it into a cone, using glue to hold the shape. Add a pompom on top, for extra fun. (You just made a hat! Ta-da!)

4. Place the hat in place over the pointy end, where the pump was, using glue or sticky tape fasten.

5. To make the rings, take two long, skinny pipe cleaners and twist them together, so they are double thickness. Then wrap them around a drinking glass or a candle (or anything cylindric) and twist them into circles. You can make as many rings as you like. Four, six, 175!

6. Decorate Sud Bud with extra stickers or pompoms to really make him dazzle.


It’s time to play:

Grab a mate and set up Sud Bud in his party hat! Sit or stand at least 30cm away (the further away you are, the trickier it will be) and try to toss the rings over his hat. If you get one, cheer, clap, and jump up and down like a maniac! If you miss, try again until you run out of rings. The person who gets the most rings on Sud Bud’s hat wins! (And gets to be impossibly smug for the rest of the day.)


Super Softy Cup And Ball

You’ll need:

  • An empty Super Softy
  • String
  • Small pompom or ball
  • Googly eyes
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crafty stuff (pompoms, felt, coloured paper, textas – whatever you’ve got!)


How to:

1. Clean out your empty Super Softy bottle, and use your scissors to carefully cut off the top.

2. Unscrew the cap from the bottom and pull a length of string through the squeezy bit (where the lotion usually comes out). Tie a double (or triple!) knot to hold the string in place, then screw the cap back on, so the bottle can stand up.

3. To make the buzzy bee ball, start with the wings. Draw a figure-8 shape on a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut it out. (Tip: Make sure it's small enough to fit inside the top of the container.) Then, wrap the string around the narrow part of the wings, in the centre.

4. Grab your small pompom or ball, and use glue to stick on the googly eyes, then fasten the ball to the cardboard wings.

5. Decorate Super Softy with whatever crafty stuff you have handy. We created a little garden with green paper grass and colourful felt flowers.


It’s time to play:

The aim of the game? To flick the buzzy bee ball into the Super Softy cup. Start by holding Super Softy in one hand, then give swing it a big swing to try to get the ball inside. Want to turn it into a high-stakes competition? Grab a bored mate/sibling/parent/unsuspecting-kid-waiting-for-the-swings to try it too, and count how many goes it takes each of you. The person who gets the ball in, in the least amount of tries, is the winner. And owes the other person at least five red frogs.