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How to make a Super Softy Bee.

Super Softy is far too cute to just toss in the bin. So, instead, try turning your empty Softy into a bee-autiful paintbrush holder! (Or toothbrush holder!) (Or seashell-collection holder!) Our minds are buzzing with possibilities...

You’ll need:

- Super Softy (empty!)
- Scissors
- Craft glue
- Pencil
- Black pipe cleaners
- White felt
- Mini yellow pompoms

Craft supplies running low?

We’re using black pipe cleaners for the bee stripes, but you can also use paper strips, felt, hair elastics or rubber bands (or even draw them on using a black marker!). For the antennae, swap out pipe cleaners for paper, paddlepop sticks or toothpicks. And, if you can’t get your mitts on white felt for the wings, try making them with paper, cardboard or a foam sheet.


1. Cut the top off your empty Super Softy tube. (Not the cap end!)

2. Give it a good wash with detergent. Then dry thoroughly.

3. To create the bee stripes, wrap the black pipe cleaners around the body of your Super Softy. Twist at the back, making sure they’re nice and tight. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner (you might need a grown-up to help) and flatten the twists.

4. Lightly draw a long figure ‘8’ (around 15cm x 6cm) onto white felt and cut it out. Then, using craft glue, stick the wings onto the back of Super Softy’s head.

5. To make the antennae, take two short black pipe cleaners and glue the pompoms to the top. (Quick dance party while you wait for the glue to dry!)

6. Glue the antennae to the top of Super Softy’s wings. (Impromptu story time break while you wait for the glue to dry!)

7. You’re done! Now fill it with paintbrushes/toothbrushes/seashells/those colourful marbles you pinched from your brother’s room. (Whatever you like!)

Psst! Don’t forget to show us your masterpiece @grotoskincare.