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How to make a crafty carton train.

Can’t choo-choo-choose what to do with your Gro-To cartons? Build a steam train! (With enough carriages for the whole Gro-To gang.)


You’ll need:

- Empty Gro-To cartons
- Scissors (and a grown-up to help!)
- Blu-tack and sticky tape
- Pipe cleaners or string
- Recycled bottle lids


How to make the carriages:

1. Grab any two cartons – we're using Skin Wizard and Super Softy! Open both ends and lay them flat. Cut out the front of your cartons, as shown above, leaving a few centimetres at the top. Remake the cartons and tape them, so they're nice and secure.

2. Turn the cartons upside-down, and attach the carriages together at the base with pipe cleaners or string, about 2cm apart. Using Blu-tack and recycled lids, add wheels (very important!) on both sides of the carriages.


How to make the engine:

1. Grab two cartons that are the same size (we're using Sud Bud for our engine!) and cut them out, as shown above. Make sure you tape down any loose edges and tabs, so they won't come undone.

2. Fold the long flat piece into a triangle to create the 'nose' of the train. Tape it in place.

3. Slide the roof (the big open piece) over the engine (the carton with the front cut out), as shown above, and tape together. Now you have a nice place for Sud Bud to sit!

4. Using sticky tape, attach the nose. Then Blu-tack on your wheels and chimney. (You can use more recycled bottle lids for wheels, and an old Bad Dream Buster cap to make the chimney!)

3. Carefully turn your engine and carriages on their side, and connect them using pipe cleaners or string. Now, you're ready to fill your carriages with passengers and off you go!