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How to give Two-in-Fun a paper haircut!

So, you’ve found yourself with: an empty bottle of Two-in-Fun, and a kid (with gloriously soft, tangle-free hair, presumably) who’s learning how to use scissors, and 20 minutes to fill until nap time. Try giving your new Gro-To mate a paper haircut! It’s easy and fun and an excellent way to help develop fine motor and scissor skills.


You’ll need:

  • An empty tube of Two-in-Fun
  • A big piece of coloured paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • A little rascal who loves snipping!


How to make it:

1. Grab all your supplies. Then start by cutting off the top off your empty Two-in-Fun tube. (You’ll probably want to give it a good rinse and dry.) (You probably won’t want to give it any of your Vegemite toast.)

2. To create the hair, use your scissors to cut thin strips in the coloured paper. But! Don’t get carried away and chop all the way to the end. Remember: You’ll need a band of uncut paper around the bottom to attach to your Two-in-Fun tube.

3. Stick your hair on! Roll up your coloured paper so that the uncut section fits neatly inside the top of your tube and fasten with some sticky tape.

4. Now, this is the exciting part! Grab those scissors and START SNIPPING. Style Two-in-Fun’s hair any way you like: A neat buzz cut, a wild mohawk, a completely chaotic mess, up to you! This is a fun activity for kids who are just getting the hang of scissors, as the paper is easy to cut and the hair-cutting gives their enthusiastic chopping a sense of purpose. Bonus: if they’re busy cutting Two-in-Fun’s hair, they’re probably not cutting the dog’s fur.