Sleepy Head


What is it?

A very cute pillowcase for very cute heads! This charming pillowcase is 100% guaranteed to get your little mates into bed faster at night. And by ‘100% guaranteed’, we of course mean ‘0% guaranteed’, because as you know perfectly well, nothing can guarantee that. But it sure did sound impressive, didn’t it.

As well as being fun to look at, Sleepy Head is fun to sleep on: it’s made from bamboo, which is super soft and smooth and un-scratchy. Sweet dreams, snooze cats!

Tell Me More

  • 100% bamboo
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in China

Always wash your bamboo pillowcase in cold water (below 30C/85F) on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach or fabric softener (stick to mild, sudsy detergent) and leave it to air dry on the line. If you must pop it in the dryer, stick to a low heat setting. And iron steam on low heat. (If you need to. Probably won’t, though.) 

Going to bed is (really) incredibly fun!


Use it with Bad Dream Buster!

To make sure your Sleepy Head is 100% monster proof (crucial), spray Bad Dream Buster on your pillow before bed. Then shut your eyes! Relax! Suppress the urge for (another) glass of water. It’s time for a calm, happy, fright-free sleep.

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