Nighty Night


What is it?

Proof that a bedtime routine can be both playful and calming. Step one is to put on some calming music. Step two is to massage in Skin Wizard, our soothing, body oil for dry or irritated skin, all over, (let big kids massage it into themselves for a giggle) and step three is to deploy Bad Dream Buster, a calming room spray for a deep sleep… that is also incredibly repellent to monsters, boogeymen and bad dreams.

So for the love of lavender, spray it like you mean it.


Make bedtime great again.


How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Lightly towel off your little squirt after their bath/shower, and rub Skin Wizard all over. This is a great opportunity to take the time for a baby massage, especially if they are having trouble in the dry skin arena, or the all-blocked-up, arena.
  2. Spray Bad Dream Buster just before lights out, wherever nighttime nuisances are known to lurk (under beds, along windows) for a calm, fright-free room.
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