A Superstinkin' Present


What is it?

Pee-ew! What’s that smell? Just a couple of Superstinkers ready to save bedtime from boredom (and bad pongs). The perfect gift for whiffy little rascals, this fun trio includes Zoë Foster Blake’s newest picture book ‘Fart and Burp are Superstinkers’, as well as two of our best-smellers, Sud Bud (a delightful-scented bath and shower gel) and Bad Dream Buster (an incredibly calming lavender room spray).


Smell ya later!


How Do I Use This Set?

Get your filthy little humans squeaky clean! Squirt 5-6 pumps of Sud Bud into a running bath and whisk like mad for a gentle bubble bath, or lather up in the shower. Then it’s time for PJs/books/bed. Win the kids over with ‘Fart and Burp are Superstinkers’ (easy!), and before lights out, spray Bad Dream Buster generously around the room. It’ll be calming! It’ll be lovely and lavender-y! It’ll disguise any nasty toots.

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