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Our Zincredible SPF 15 has been discontinued.

Here's why!

Because her older, stronger big sister (think Luisa from Encanto) is launching* later this year.

Yes, in preparation for our much-anticipated high-strength SPF launch, and in the interest of sustainability, it’s time we discontinue Zincredible SPF 15 from our line-up.

It comes down to what we produce, what we use, and what we might potentially waste. The amount of raw materials and packaging we’d need to make enough Zincredible SPF 15 to last us till we launch our new SPF didn’t make sense. As such, no further stock will be made.

She served us well, and we thank her. Thank you for investing in her (and your skin); we bid her a warm and loving farewell….

*Yes! We’re finally launching a high-strength SPF! Hydrating, loaded with antioxidants, and a formidable protector against damaging UVA and UVB rays, our new gen daily sunscreen is non-greasy, lightweight, and sensational under makeup. We are GIDDY with excitement. It’s been such a long time coming, and you’re gonna REALLY LOVE IT. Stay. Tuned.