Five Reasons The Repair Shop Is A Must-Have

  1. To deeply replenish. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients (Ceramides! Niacinamide! Provitamin B5!) that will rescue, restore, and rehydrate that beautiful face of yours.
  2. Strengthen the skin's moisture barrier. Rich in butters and nourishing oils that repair, smooth, and boost the skin barrier.
  3. Water-drawing humectants. Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin instantly hydrate and leave the skin plump, bouncy, and riddled with health.
  4. Super soothers.  Super soothers Vitamin E and Buriti Oil calm everything right down.
  5. Suitable for all skin types. A hug in a tube no matter your skin type, age or skin concern.

A Note From Zoë

"Inspired by the brightening/calming double-punch in our bestselling Transformazing mask, this serum is innovative in formula but also feel. No tackiness, no weird smell, just a very effective, very nice and very stable Vitamin C for luminosity and antioxidant protection."

— Zoë Foster Blake

Good To Know:

Never sticky or tacky.

Fantastic for all skin types.

Calms as it brightens.

Deeply replenishing.


Smells gooood.

Much Brighter Skin

Your Morning Routine!

  1. Cleanse or rinse face.
  2. Toner? Mist? Up to you!
  3. One pump of Much Brighter Skin.
  4. Press in face oil.
  5. Moisturiser? Up to you!
  6. SPF.Makeup? Up to you!
  7. Enjoy this day!