The Low-Down On Go-To’s Sustainability Journey

The Low-Down On Go-To’s Sustainability Journey

If you’ve been scrolling through our website, TikTok, or the company slack channel lately you may have noticed something different about our products.

The Go-To Gang has had a makeover. A sustainable makeover. In addition to scoring a fresh shade of peach and an exquisite new font, what’s not-so-obvious at first scroll, is that our range of skin-loving essentials is now made with PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) packaging.

While these changes might appear like they’ve popped up overnight, this is a project that’s been quietly in the works for years. Now that they’re finally here, we wanted to take you through what the changes are, and a peek at what you can expect from us in the future.

How Our Packaging Has Changed and Why

As a company who makes skin care, waste is inevitable. What we can do, what we are doing, and what we will always continue to do is work hard to limit our impact and keep our range as sustainable as (super-)humanly possible.

Sustainability has long been a key focus and core pillar for us at Go-To. In the last few years, we’ve made significant changes to honour this, like becoming carbon neutral, partnering with Reforest Now, and shifting our range to be 100% Australian Made. We’ve limited excess packaging within our shippers, made the switch to cardboard lo-fi eco boxes, and so re-evaluating our product packaging and incorporating sustainable materials was an important and natural next step to continue to do our bit.

After a long (loooong!) process of researching and testing the available options, our team landed on PCR as the way forward for our future Go-To products. In September 2021, Much Brighter Skin launched as our first Go-To product made with PCR, and now, a few months later, the rest of the range have received the same sustainable treatment. (Except Face Hero, of course, who’s still made of glass.)

What Actually Is PCR?

Short for Post-Consumer Recycled/Resin (PCR), refers to a type of packaging that is made up of the plastic items that you toss in your kerbside recycling bin each week. It’s then sorted, extensively cleaned and tested, and then used to make new products. Clever-er.

What’s Next For Sustainability At Go-To

New technologies are becoming available all the time, and we’re constantly working with our manufacturers to ensure that the products we make/you love are as good for the environment as they are for your face.

As for future products, you can expect all new Go-To products to be made with PCR packaging. Our team is also investigating refillable packaging options. We’re enormously proud of the changes we’ve made so far, but rest assured, there’s plenty more to come. We're excited for the future and we'll continue to review, research and reevaluate the best ways to limit our impact by reducing, reusing and recycling. Promise.