What Is A Booster?

Can you believe 12 out of 10 people recommend using a booster on your porridge in the morning?!

No. And you shouldn’t. Because that’s a silly statistic we just made up. But something we haven’t made up is how wonderfully beneficial it is to add a booster to your skin care routine.

A booster is a useful product designed to complement your current routine. They’re basically the skin equivalent of a health shot.

Boosters help you target specific skin care concerns. Which makes them a very powerful tool in preventing pesky, unavoidable things like low temps, high temps, wind, the flu, and travel from messing with your skin.

Bonus: A booster will work with what you’re already using. They give your skin an instant hit of oomph and juice and defence, without forcing you to completely (and unnecessarily) overhaul your existing routine.

If you live somewhere Winter-y try…

A twice-weekly face mask,

A hydrating serum,

A deeply nourishing face oil.

For the record, Face Hero, is a terrific booster. Oils are lipophilic which means they penetrate deep into the skin and lock moisture in.

And being that it’s crammed with essential fatty acids it will boost lipid content, repair the skin’s barrier function, and replenish and maintain the skin’s water levels. It’s also nourishing, softening, and anti-inflammatory, (read: helpful if you’ve been overusing heaters and your skin hates you for it).

If you live somewhere Summer-y try…

A pigmentation serum,

A soothing skin mist,

Something packed with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C works excellently in tandem with that daily SPF we know you’re wearing. Like the good antioxidant it is, Vitamin C works alongside your SPF by neutralizing free radical damage that leads to premature ageing. It’s also mega-brightening, which helps to fade dark spots that can appear when it’s all hot and sweaty.

If you live somewhere outer spacey try…

A rocket.  

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