The Difference Between Dry And Dehydrated Skin

..Hang on. There’s a difference?! 

Yes, you sweet goose. There’s a difference! Dry and dehydrated are two skin care terms that are often used interchangeably. And that’s where lots of people go wrong; because what dry skin and dehydrated skin need are very different. 

This is how you can spot the difference between the two:

Dry Skin 

What Is It:
Dry skin is a skin type (as opposed to dehydrated skin which is a skin condition, more on that in a bit) like oily, combo, or sensitive. It’s caused by ageing, hormones, or genetics, and basically it just means that your skin doesn’t produce enough oil. (Lazy!) Dry skin rascals tend to not get breakouts, and never struggle with shiny, sheeny, oily spots. 

How To Look After It:
You can look after dry skin by incorporating oil rich skin care into your routine, and avoiding anything too harsh or stripping. Dry skin struggles to produce oil, but no matter. A rich, replenishing face oil will make up for what you’re skin’s not naturally producing, and subbing in a nourishing oil cleanser can also work magic on dry faces.

Dehydrated Skin

What Is It:
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition. It’s caused by external factors (think: heaters, air con, over exfoliation, chilly weather or wind; it’s also super popular when the seasons change). If your skin is dehydrated you will probably notice your skin feeling tight, flaky, and your lines will look more prominent. But unlike dry skin, you’re not immune to shine or oiliness, so you could also be dealing with congestion and breakouts. (Lucky!) 

How To Look After It:
While dry skin wants oil, dehydrated skin wants water. Inside and out! So, up your water intake, and give a hydrating serum a go. You’ll want to look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin, and you’ll definitely want to apply it to damp skin, not dry to get the best results. (Bonus points if you’re also willing to cut back on air-con or heater use.)

One More Thing 
Since dehydration is a skin condition every skin type (even oily!) can be dehydrated. Which means it’s actually very possible for skin to be both dry AND dehydrated. What fun! If you fall into this camp, it will require a combo of water and oil to make your skin all healthy, happy, and plump. 


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