How Much Plumper Skin Works For Different Skin Types

Real (!) Customers After Using Go-To Much Plumper Skin

Secret’s out: Our latest addition, Much Plumper Skin, has dropped. 

By now you probably already know it’s a hydrating serum designed to draw and store moisture in your skin; preventing TEWL, promoting elasticity and firmness, and plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. 

What you don’t know yet is what Real People actually think of it. Til now. Before launch we sent a secret stash of Much Plumper Skin out to some of our most-trusted skin triallers. Here’s what a few of them had to say. 

Megan, 24 

Skin Type: Normal/Acne-Prone

How did Much Plumper Skin feel on the first application?
It was a dream to apply. I enjoyed the light scent, it spread beautifully, and absorbed very quickly. Paired with a hydrating moisturiser my skin was feeling very happy.

After application how did your skin look and feel?
The glow is absolutely real, my skin was calmed and very smooth. 

How did it wear and layer with your existing skin care routine?
It fit in perfectly with my current skincare routine, no pilling or irritation whatsoever. It was a very welcome addition, especially with the drier months coming up. I have been using it morning and night so far with no issues. 

Did Much Plumper Skin help your skin concerns? If so, how?
Much Plumper Skin definitely helped my skin feel calmer and hydrated, along with adding a gorgeous glow. 

Yinyee, 31

Skin Type: Combination 

How did Much Plumper Skin feel on the first application? 
It's really like a drink of water for the face! It comes out of the dropper as a gel, but turns into liquid after spread between hands. Hesitant that it might go on sticky, but none of that here!

After application how did your skin look and feel? 
My skin did look brighter. I have my hydration routine down pat, and it was nice to see my face extra quenched. As I get dehydrated very easily, it's easy to tell when I need hydration as my skin looks really dull. I went Boom-Glowy!

Did Much Plumper Skin help your skin concerns? If so, how?
Oh definitely. It's a skin-quenching powerhouse, locked in a gel format and ready to be unleashed when called upon. Yay for a hydrating serum for this eternally-dehydrated gal. 

Comments? Thoughts? Existential musings?
It's good to see Go-To producing hydrating products. A v good companion for The Repair Shop. HA serums are a dime a dozen in the market and I have tried plenty, but none have given me Boom-Glowy at this price tag. 

Samantha, 42 

Skin Type: Dry/Perimenopausal 

After application how did your skin look and feel? 
My skin not only looks great, it feels AH-MAZING! I thought I took good care of my skin but this is the product that is the missing link that ties it all together. It looked all glowy and gorgeous once I started Much Brighter Skin and now with Much Plumper Skin as well, it feels like the glow is coming from deep in the skin layers. 

My skin looks visibly plumper, my deep facial lines that run beside my nose to my mouth, look less deep now, especially the left side. The hydration is REAL!! My skin still feels hydrated at the end of the day and instead of feeling a little greasy in the morning, it feels soft and juicy and STILL hydrated. This product is my new best friend. My skin feels like it did 10 years ago, fuller and smoother and I honestly never thought it could be better than it already was. 

Did Much Plumper Skin help your skin concerns? If so, how?
Absolutely, my skin tone is so much more even, and with my acne, it reduces redness and calms it down. I’ve found [the acne] heals a lot faster and my skin doesn’t stay as angry or feel tight where the spots are. The hydration is OFF THE CHARTS! I cannot rave enough about how different my skin feels, it’s super soft and hydration for days. 

Comments? Thoughts? Existential musings?
Much Plumper Skin, where have you been all my life?!  I’ve honestly never used anything like it and I never want it to run out. When I’m allowed to, I’ll tell anyone and everyone just what a miracle this product is.

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